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The Local Government Resourcing Partnership (LGRP) is a framework for the public sector to access and procure recruiting and resourcing services. The LGRP, formerly known as the London Boroughs’ Recruitment Partnership was previously procured by the London Borough of Sutton.

The procurement of the LGRP has now been taken over by the London Borough of Waltham Forest, supported throughout the procurement process and contract management by YPO. YPO is a 100% publicly owned buying organisation that establishes national and regional frameworks to meet the common needs of local authorities and the wider public sector across the UK.

The aim of the framework is to help support public sector organisations to procure HR related services in an efficient and effective manner.

The framework is available to all public sector organisations in the UK.
View the full list of permissible users – www.ypo.co.uk/about/customers/permissible-users.
You don’t need to be a member of the LGRP to use the framework.


In 2005, the London Boroughs evaluated the use of recruitment and resourcing services and contemplating testing the market to secure better value. It was quickly established that the Boroughs shared a range of suppliers and a collaborative approach would improve economies of scale. The buying power of several councils was a better option than testing the market individually.

Eight London Boroughs came together to develop a joint specification for a variety of recruitment and resourcing services: advertising agency, executive search and selection, assessment and testing and pre-employment clearances. The framework contract was let for a four-year period covering 2006-2010.

When it came to re-letting the contract in 2011 the partnership had grown to 28 London Boroughs – and saved a collective £1.5 million each year. The savings were generated from leveraging a better price from the market, and simplification of the systems and approaches across the London Boroughs. Developments in online recruitment and resourcing as well as the rapid emergence of social media as a recruitment tool started to appear. Simultaneously, the pressure to reduce public expenditure and increase efficiency had intensified. Workforce plans and budget projections showed significant lessening in the overall workforce size with many employees at risk of redundancy. By way of context, local government had incurred 450,000 redundancies since 2010 and was forecasted to make in excess of a cumulative £1m in four years’ time.

In order to address the significant cost of redundancy payments, as well as the social and economic development issues associated with widespread redundancy, the Boroughs had to take measures to improve future employment prospects. Avoiding the downward cycle of unemployment, people becoming socially excluded, a lack of taxable contribution being generated into the economy, as well as the weight of increased state benefits, are all part of a wider economic development picture the Boroughs aimed to address – with wide support from councillors and local authority chief executives.

In 2017 it came around to procuring the framework once again, and the partnership decided that the London Borough of Waltham Forest would be the lead. It was also decided the framework would be made available across the country to all public sector organisations including local authorities, police, fire and rescue, NHS, charities, housing associations and the wider public sector. The London Borough of Waltham Forest and YPO have worked in partnership to understand the full scope of the services procured through the LGRP and the potential for other related services. Engagement with organisations and potential providers was conducted to make sure that the framework meets the needs of the public sector.

After a successful 4 year agreement, at the end of 2020 YPO and London Borough of Waltham Forest began the procurement journey for the new LGRP framework. After successful engagement and a compliant tender process, the new LGRP framework was created and awarded for go live in November 2021. The framework is open for all public sector and further information for each lot can be found here: View the full list of services this framework offers

London Boroughs’ Recruitment Partnership formed
2006 – 2010
The framework contract let for a four year period
London Boroughs’ Recruitment Partnership renamed to Local Government Recruitment Partnership (LGRP)
Partnership grows to 28 London Boroughs, saving a collective £1.5million each year
London Borough of Waltham Forest and YPO form a partnership
London Borough of Waltham Forest and YPO launch the ‘Local Government Resourcing Partnership’ framework nationwide
2019 – 2021
The framework term has been extended for a further two years
YPO and London Borough of Waltham forest launch the new 4 year LGRP framework
I have found the LGRP framework to be a quick, easy and efficient method of procuring both executive search/selection services and interim requirements, saving a lot of time and resource.
Janet Ellison-Jones Category Manager, Cheshire East Council